Erin Moore
Erin Moore, owner of is. and in. Salon group, was raised in a small rural town in Canada. Here she witnessed first hand the lack of opportunity for children in remote and less financially stable areas. After the death of her mother, a trade skill provided her a successful and profitable future she might not have had under the circumstance. She was able to pursue her creative and aesthetic inclinations. Hair skills and hard work,  combined with a supportive welcoming community, created an opportunity. This success allows her to provide employment and a living wage to over 75 employees and counting. After several visits to Africa witnessing first hand the lack of supportive trade institutions for high risk youth, The Hair Cares Foundation was formed. Daniel, her general manager, and Erin have both been very blessed by this industry. Both used their trade skills to continue to grow and support others in the industry. With their continued success, it is their turn to do their  part to contribute knowledge and first hand skills to the youth of tomorrow by giving the same opportunity to them.

Daniel Meyerowitz
Raised by a single-mother with a low-income salary in a working-class suburb in Cape Town South Africa, Daniel understands life’s difficulties and the importance of working hard to achieve success. With little opportunity, expertise and minimal financing, Daniel worked his way from doing unrewarding  jobs to becoming the general manager of a successful chain of salons in North America. Spending over 10 years in the hair industry, Daniel now has the tools and resources that are used universally around the world thanks to the support and guidance from his peers in the hair industry. He wants to share his expertise and knowledge with youth that find themselves in the same seemingly hopeless situation he was in so many years earlier!

Established in May 2018, The Hair Cares Foundation is a charity which aims to promote equality, empowerment and self-worth to underprivileged youth and young adults around the world. We are committed to providing a skill set which can be used universally to generate an income. This education in a career will not only alleviate poverty, but will generate feelings of self-esteem in the youth of tomorrow. On a practical level these young adults will not only be taught a valuable skill set, but will be provided with the necessary tools to enable them to execute their newly acquired trade. However, in order to put our ideals into practice we need funds. We aim to raise money via GoFundMe, personal and corporate donations, and various company partnerships. Without support in the form of your generous contributions, it would not be possible to provide these opportunities to allow individuals to realize their potential and fulfill their aspirations.

The Hair Cares Foundation has been established to provides a “hand-up”, not a “hand-out” with a belief in fostering a life-long mentorship.  Many charities simply raise funds and fail to provide a life-long network of support, funding, resources. 

The Hair Cares Foundation will guarantee a mentorship throughout the student’s involvement with our charity. Our successful apprenticeship program in North America has lead us to expand to the South African market where unemployment reaches over 30% due to lack of tertiary education.

We trust that you will give our appeal your serious consideration in the knowledge that a positive response from you will assist in changing lives for the better. You can make a difference today.

“Saving one person is the change the world needs.”



The Hair Cares Foundation
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Promoting Empowerment, Equality & Self Esteem through basic hair skills training.