Unemployment amongst the youth world-wide is reaching astronomical proportions. The Hair Cares Foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote equality, empowerment and self esteem to under privileged youth and young adults around the world.

We are committed to providing these under-privileged people with a skill set which can be used universally to generate an income which, will not only alleviate poverty, but will generate feelings of self-esteem.

On a practical level these under privileged young
adults will not only be taught the necessary skills, but will be provided with the relevant tools to enable them to execute their newly acquired skills.

In order to put our ideals into practice, we need funds and we need your support today.
Without your support in the form of generous contributions, it will not be possible to provide opportunities to those who face a bleak future.

We trust that you will give our appeal your serious consideration in the knowledge that a positive response from you will assist in changing lives for the better. 

The Hair Cares Foundation
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Promoting Empowerment, Equality & Self Esteem through basic hair skills training.